Corporate Secretarial Alerts

Latest updates to Corporate Secretarial regulations in the Philippines

Being aware of the laws, regulations, and memorandum circulars for Corporate Secretarial services in the Philippines can help employers avoid incurring penalties by remaining legally compliant. We've compiled the most relevant and applicable issuances to help employers on this task. 

SEC MC No.2 Series 2024 Landing Page

The SEC releases new deadlines and guidelines for annual reports of corporations in 2024

08 February 2024

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has implemented updated deadlines and guidelines for submitting annual reports of corporations in 2024

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Understanding the SEC eSPARC – online business registration in the Philippines for OPCs and Domestic Corporations

28 December 2023

This guide showcases the Electronic Simplified Processing of Application for Registration of Company (eSPARC), the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new online facility catering to the application for registration of One Person Corporations (OPC) and Domestic Corporations (Both Stock and Non-stock). Online business registration Mazars Corporate Secretarial services.

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SEC e-Spark Guidelines in Philippines Landing Page
Internet Transactions Act 2023 Landing Page Image

Internet Transactions Act of 2023 (RA11967): what it means for buyers, merchants, and marketplaces

21 December 2023

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. signed a new Republic Act regarding Internet Transactions between businesses and customers. Highlighting the new rules and guidelines for doing online transactions with fellow businesses and customers.

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Extensions to SEC’s Amnesty Application deadline and application process guidelines

14 August 2023

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) extended the deadline for their Amnesty Application and streamlined application guidelines.

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SEC MC No.9, Series 2023 Amnesty Extension Landing Page
SEC MC 1, Series 2023 landing page image

SEC announces deadline extension for 2023 filing of Annual Financial Statements

09 March 2023

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) extends the deadline for the 2023 filing of Annual Financial Statements.

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SEC adds new penalties for non-disclosure of beneficial ownership and other policies

20 January 2023

The Securities Exchange Commission(SEC) discusses new guidelines for beneficial ownership and non-disclosure deadlines.

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SEC MC 10, Series 2022 Landing Page image
Rules of Incorporation landing page image

Rules on incorporators under the revised Corporation Code

23 December 2022

Mazars' Corporate Services Principal, Joanne Ranada, shares new rules for incorporators and other significant updates to the Corporation Code.

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E-commerce restrictions and requirements in the Philippines

15 November 2022

Mazars shares a guide on the basic requirements for conducting e-commerce in the Philippines.

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E-commerce requirements in the Philippines landing page
Corporate Term Blog Landing Page Image

Corporate Term under the Revised Corporation Code

Mazars shares a blog explaining the overarching effects of the Revised Corporation Code, along with the Corporate Term, one of the code's most significant revisions

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SEC shares Guidelines and Procedures for the Disqualifications of Directors, Trustees, and Corporate Officers

28 July 2022

The Securities and Exchange Commission emphasizes the stringent guidelines and procedures that handle the disqualification of directors, trustees, and corporate officers to promote excellent corporate governance in the county.

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SEC MC 04-2022 Landing Page image