Corporate Secretarial Alerts

Latest updates to Corporate Secretarial regulations in the Philippines

Being aware of the laws, regulations, and memorandum circulars for Corporate Secretarial services in the Philippines can help employers avoid incurring penalties by remaining legally compliant. We've compiled the most relevant and applicable issuances to help employers on this task. 

SEC MC No.9, Series 2023 Amnesty Extension Landing Page

Extensions to SEC’s Amnesty Application deadline and application process guidelines

14 August 2023

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) extended the deadline for their Amnesty Application and streamlined application guidelines.

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SEC announces deadline extension for 2023 filing of Annual Financial Statements

09 March 2023

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) extends the deadline for the 2023 filing of Annual Financial Statements.

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SEC MC 1, Series 2023 landing page image
SEC MC 10, Series 2022 Landing Page image

SEC adds new penalties for non-disclosure of beneficial ownership and other policies

20 January 2023

The Securities Exchange Commission(SEC) discusses new guidelines for beneficial ownership and non-disclosure deadlines.

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Rules on incorporators under the revised Corporation Code

23 December 2022

Mazars' Corporate Services Principal, Joanne Ranada, shares new rules for incorporators and other significant updates to the Corporation Code.

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Rules of Incorporation landing page image
E-commerce requirements in the Philippines landing page

E-commerce restrictions and requirements in the Philippines

15 November 2022

Mazars shares a guide on the basic requirements for conducting e-commerce in the Philippines.

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Corporate Term under the Revised Corporation Code

Mazars shares a blog explaining the overarching effects of the Revised Corporation Code, along with the Corporate Term, one of the code's most significant revisions

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SEC MC 04-2022 Landing Page image

SEC shares Guidelines and Procedures for the Disqualifications of Directors, Trustees, and Corporate Officers

28 July 2022

The Securities and Exchange Commission emphasizes the stringent guidelines and procedures that handle the disqualification of directors, trustees, and corporate officers to promote excellent corporate governance in the county.

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Foreign ownership limitations updated in the 12th Regular Foreign Investment Negative List

14 July 2022

The government issues Executive Order (EO) 175 S. 2022, containing the updated foreign ownership limitation rules explaining which key investment areas and activities are available to foreign investors.

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Executive Order 175 Landing Page
Business Reforms in 2022 Landing Page

Business reforms in 2022: Foreign investors given 100% ownership of public services and updates to CREATE and RTLA acts

Foreign investment was updated during the Philippine Senate final reading of Senate Bill (SB) 2094, amending the Public Service Act, allowing one hundred (100) percent foreign ownership of public services.

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SEC revises Financial Reporting Bulletins for 2022: Amendments and Deletions implemented

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) held a meeting deciding that specific Financial Reporting Bulletins (FRBs) needed to be updated because of the changes in the rules regarding financial reporting.

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SEC revises Financial Reporting Bulletins for 2022 landing page image