Helping the automotive industry navigate a changing landscape

At a global level, the automotive industry is experiencing a period of profound transformation. The drive for more efficient vehicles and new sources of energy are changing the industry landscape while digital technologies, shifting consumer behaviours and newfound supply chain vulnerability are disrupting traditional business models. We support automotive OEMs, equipment suppliers and dealers with tailor-made solutions to help them reinvent themselves and grow in this new world of mobility.

Our approach

The automotive industry is in a constant state of evolution. Regulatory change, technological innovation and economic upheaval continually shape and transform the sector. Mobility service providers and emerging start-ups are disrupting the sector. As the industry reinvents itself in response to demands for cleaner and more efficient vehicles, operators must find ways to become more efficient, resilient and robust in the face of competitive forces.

Our automotive specialists work with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to improve performance, fuel growth and implement practical solutions for the challenges they face. Our capabilities combined with our deep knowledge of the automotive industry make us an ideal partner as you seek to secure your future and drive sustainable growth.

As an operator in this industry, you are likely concerned about:

Seizing market opportunities and enhancing your market presence

We can help you establish new businesses or move into emerging and growth markets, identify new product range, and ensure the success of your acquisitions and partnership projects.

Securing and optimising your operations

It is vital that your business is robust. We can work with you to digitalise your operations and harness data to improve productivity. We can also review your investment projects, put in place internal controls and risk management procedures, conduct reviews to improve decision-making and fraud prevention and implement a green strategy.

Financing and securing your supply chain

Our experts work with you to secure programme and infrastructure financing, optimise and secure your global supply chain, and deploy new financing solutions such as reverse factoring.

When you partner with us, you benefit from a team with multidisciplinary expertise in audit, advisory and tax that has been mobilised specifically to support your needs and overcome these challenges.

At all times, our commitment is to bring you the best of what Mazars has to offer so that you can secure your future and create value for stakeholders.

Digital audit

Using data and machine learning, we offer digital audit services that offer greater efficiencies and reduce costs. This solution results in a ‘zero paper’ audit that is automated and highly secure. It ensures compliance with legal and regulatory obligations while optimising your commercial means and identifying key commercial risks, bringing better competitiveness and value to your company.

Business transformation

Increasingly complex markets, disruptive megatrends and ever tougher competitive conditions are making holistic changes necessary.

Our business transformation approach is consistently oriented towards the five elementary dimensions of change: the (strategic) business model, an efficient and effective target operating model, a finely tuned collaboration model. We also consider the important soft factors, the so-called corporate culture, as well as the relevant strategy-oriented management and controlling mechanisms.

IT transformation

We support you in setting up your IT transformation agenda. We find the right, agile technologies for your company, and then lead them systematically and step-by-step into efficient processes so that you can generate added value for your company. We do all this without major disruption to your ongoing operations, so you can continue to focus on your core business.


From the development of the strategy and identification of the affected structures and processes to the transition and post-contractual negotiations, our business transformation team will actively support you as a competent consultant throughout the entire process. Consistent change management, which is also part of our services, also ensures the sustainable success of a carve-out program.

Value creation/ cost cutting

In times of economic downturn, companies need to act quickly and intelligently to manage the associated challenges. In this context, it is crucial to reduce costs in the short-term without compromising the growth of the company.

Cost reductions alone will only improve your bottom line to a limited extent. To establish a cost-optimised structure in your company, consistent cost control measures are necessary. As soon as funds are freed up by the implemented cost reduction measures, your company should invest in its flexibility and future growth in the medium- and long-term.

TISAX audit

We get you ready for your TISAX certification. Mazars has developed a procedure whereby the client seeking TISAX certification receives organisational, administrative and technical support throughout the audit process, can ‘refresh’ their Information Security Management System (ISMS), Data Protection Management System (DSMS) and physical site security as part of their preparation for the audit, and receive operational support during the audit to successfully obtain certification.