Business – It’s personal. And so is sustainability.

Every business is different, whether that’s in size, ambition, or even geography. But all of them have a connected topic that needs to be addressed: sustainability.

We don’t mean the simple action of turning lights off in the office or making sure the AC is closed by the end of the day – there are both consequences and opportunities found in sustainability when to comes to business. Sustainability is now for all businesses, not just for larger organizations. Many privately-owned businesses are under increasing pressure to take responsibility for their ESG impact, and many are struggling to know how to begin.

Here in Mazars, we are eager to help you apply sustainability into your business, completing each compliance to reach tangible opportunities for the future. As such, we have created a dedicated hub for privately-owned businesses, and invite you to see our collection of resources, may it support your sustainability journey for a brighter future.

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A practical guide on sustainability 

With societal expectations increasingly permeating corporate governance, companies need to evolve their business models to embrace lasting value creation that benefits not only the shareholders but also internal and external stakeholders as well as wider society.

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Getting the digital-cultural balance right

Examine the risks that come with digitally-focused strategies and how you could overcome them.

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Three simple steps to kickstart your sustainability strategy

Watch our video and discover our recommended steps that’ll help you create an achievable strategy.

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Recruiting and retaining Gen Z

As they are the future, it’s important to know how to attract those from Gen Z and work together to ignite new ideas.

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Gareth Jones

Embracing a sustainable mindset: shifting the emphasis from risks to opportunities

Understand why sustainability shouldn’t be treated as a threat to your business, and how you can take advantage of the opportunities it raises.

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