DOLE mandates an annual establishment report on wages to all private establishments for 2022

28 April 2023
The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) reveals an advisory mandating every private establishment to submit an annual establishment report on worker wages.

DOLE has recently ordered all private establishments to provide an annual establishment report containing certain information about their employees, these workers, trainers, and apprentices. This mandate was implemented through DOLE’s Labor Advisory 4-2023, released on March 10, 2023.

The advisory is in accordance with Article 124 of the Labor Code of the Philippines, which was then amended in the Wage Rationalization Act. These laws were enacted to further rationalize wage policy determination by using updated policies to correct the current minimum wage rates, with the goal of promoting productivity improvement and gain-sharing measures to ensure decent living standards for both the workers and their families.

These laws were also made to guarantee the rights of labour to its just share in the fruits of production, enhance employment generation in the countryside via industry dispersal, and allow both business and industry reasonable returns for both investment, expansion, and growth.

Contents of the Annual Establishment Report

The advisory was made in accordance with the following statement: 
Any person, company, corporation, partnership or any other entity engaged in business shall file and register annually with the appropriate Regional Board, Commission and the National Statistics Office an itemized listing of their labor component, specifying the names of their workers and employees below the managerial level, including learners, apprentices and disabled/handicapped workers who were hired under the terms prescribed in the employment contracts, and their corresponding salaries and wages.

As mentioned earlier, the advisory states that all private establishments must submit an Annual Establishment Report on the verified itemized listing of their labour component, the report must specify the names of their rank-and-file of all employees (workers, trainers, learners, and apprentices alike), including those hired with disabilities following the terms prescribed in the employment contracts, along with their corresponding wages and salaries.

The advisory then states that all these private establishments need to register, log in, and submit these Annual Establishment Reports through DOLE’s Annual Establishment Report on Wages (AERW) online portal, which can be found by clicking the link HERE. Until then, the department will keep the portal open up until May 31, 2023 to accommodate the submissions of the reports.