New Online appointment system for all SSS members

13 March 2023
The Social Security System (SSS) clarifies the functions, guidelines, and policies of its online appointment system to all SSS members.

The Social Security System (SSS) has announced its support of the digitization of SSS core services by allowing all SSS members registered to the SSS website to schedule an online appointment via their MY.SSS member account. This was done in accordance with the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018”.

The announcement was made through SSS Circular 2022-031 issued on December 06, 2022, and was made following Social Security Commission (SSC) Resolution No. 666-s. 2022, which was implemented on October 6, 2022.

Guidelines for an online appointment with MY.SSS website

The circular explains that all registered SSS members can finalize an online appointment so long as are registered to an MY.SSS members account and are compliant with the following guidelines:

1.) All members must choose an available appointment date, time, and branch/FO found in the MY.SSS Member portal of the SSS Website, and that it must be
A DAY BEFORE the appointment date if it’s related to any of the following services/transactions:

  • Registrations/Coverage
  • Contributions
  • Loans
  • Benefits
  • Unified Multipurpose Identification (UMID) application.
  • Concerns/Feedback [e.g disbursement concerns, contested loan, pension loan, (late crediting and request for UBP Quick Card PINS, etc.)];
  • And other services that may be introduced in the future

2.) Members are not allowed to schedule multiple appointments for the same purpose/transaction within the same date.

3.) The member who successfully set up the online appointment will be sent an onscreen acknowledgement with the transaction number as well as an email confirmation of the scheduled appointment date and time.

4.) On the date of the appointment, the member must bring valid identification cards and the required documents for their transaction and afterwards present the transaction number during the scheduled appointment date.
The SSS advises that members arrive at their chosen location fifteen (15) minutes before their appointment to avoid any complications. If the member fails to arrive on time, a new appointment will need to be scheduled. 

5.) Once the appointment date/time arrives, the SSS member will be allowed access to the branch. Note that the Number Coding System normally used in attending to transacting customers/visitors will not apply to online appointments.

6.) Members unable to be present for their scheduled appointment date/time will be tagged as a “No Show”, they will then be prohibited to schedule an appointment within ten (10) working days from being tagged as a “No Show”.
The circular highlights the option to cancel the scheduled appointment within 48 hours before the appointment date if a member is unable to arrive at the time or date they scheduled. But it reminds members that the cancellation will not apply to an appointment set one (1) day before the deadline.