Social Security System submits SSS Circular No. 2021-19 online filing of SS, SN, SB, and SBRA through My.SSS Portal in SSS Website

The Social Security System (SSS) further streamlines their systems by releasing their Circular no. 2021-19, which allows for the online filing of Sickness Notification (SN), Sickness Benefit Application (SBA), and Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application (SBRA) through the MY.SSS portal webpage.

The Social Security System (SSS) provides further convenience when filing for its services by releasing their Circular no. 2021-19 on December 22, 2021. It allows the online filing of Social Security (SS) and Employee’s Compensation (EC), Sickness Notification (SN), Sickness Benefit Application (SBA), and Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application (SBRA) through the MY.SSS portal webpage found in the SSS Website, effective as of December 27, 2021.

This circular is meant to supersede both Circular No. 2015-015 dated October 30, 2015, on the Electronic Sickness Notification for the Employed Members and Circular No. 2020-011 dated May 11, 2020, on the Online Filing of SBRA through the SSS website.

  1. Coverage
    1. For SBA

                    a.    All Self-employed (SE), Voluntary Members (VMs)Overseas Filipino Workers and Non-                                                        Working Spouse (NWS); and

                    b.    All employed members who are separated from employment and did not receive any advance payment                               of sickness benefit from their employers.

  1. For SN and SBRA

                    a.    All employers including household employer.

  1. Pre-requisites for Online Filing
    1. A registered My.SSS account in the SSS Website, and
    2. Approved disbursement account in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) in the My.SSS portal in the SSS Website.
    3. Policies
      1. All initial or new claims and the following cases for adjustment shall be filed online through the member's or employer's My.SSS account:

                                         a.    SSS system computation is higher than employer's computation;

                                         b.    Additional posted contributions will increase the amount of sickness benefit; and

                                         c.    Erroneous encoding by the employer of the following:

                                                      i.        Number of company sick leave with pay for the current year, and

                                                     ii.        Date employee returned to work.

  1. Only the filing of SBA over the counter (OTC) or through drop box at any SSS Branch Office (BOY/Foreign Representative Office (FRO)/Medical Evaluation Center (MEC) shall be allowed until the full implementation of the mandatory online filing.
  2. The filer shall upload the required supporting document/s corresponding to the type of claim/adjustment being filed to proceed with the submission of the SN/SBA/SBRA. Uploaded documents shall be reviewed by SSS.
  3. All sickness claims shall be subject to medical evaluation and approval prior to payment.
  4. The receipt of the advance payment shall be confirmed/certified by the employee within seven (7) working days from the date of sending of e-mail by the SSS. In case member did not confirm receipt of the advance payment or failed to act within the prescribed period, the SBRA shall be rejected. Rejected claims shall be re-submitted/re-filed by the employer as a new transaction.
  5. Confirmation/certification of receipt of the advance payment by the employee for the SBRA filed by his/her employer shall be submitted through the employee's My.SSS account in the SSS Website.
  6. Confirmation/certification of employee shall not be required for claims which were already advanced but tagged by the employer as separated, Absence without Official Leave (AWOL) and deceased member in the online filing of SBRA.
  7. The filing date of the claim shall be as follows:

                                         a.    For SN and SBA - the date of successful submission of the claim; and

                                         b.    For SBRA- the date of confirmation/certification of the employee or date of successful submission of the claim if the employee is already separated/AWOL or deceased.

  1. Claim which has been previously submitted but is not acceptable based on SSS' evaluation may be re-filed online by the member/employer as a new transaction upon compliance with SSS' requirements.
  2. An e-mail notification shall be sent to the member/employer for the following cases:

                                         a.    For SN and SBA:

                                                      i.        Successful submission through the member's/employer's My.SSS account in                                                                      the SSS Website; and

                                                     ii.        Approval/Rejection/Denial of the SN and SBA.

                                         b.    For SBRA:

                                                      i.        Successful submission through the employer's My.SSS account in the SSS                                                                          Website;

                                                     ii.        Successful submission of the confirmation of the employee;

                                                    iii.        Reminder to employer on the expiration of confirmation of receipt of advance                                                                    payment by the employee;

                                                    iv.        Failure to confirm the receipt of advance payment by the employee; and

                                                     v.        Approval/Rejection/Denial of the SBRA.

  1. The proceeds of EC sickness benefit claim shall be credited directly to the approved disbursement account of the employed and SE member in DAEM. The employer shall be required to select from the display list the employee's approved disbursement account in DAEM upon online filing of SN for EC sickness benefit claim.
  2. The following sickness benefit claims exempted from online filing shall be submitted OTC or through drop box at any SSS BO/FRO:

                                         a.    Denied claim reconsidered for payment;

                                         b.    Unclaimed benefit of deceased member, and

                                         c.    Unclaimed reimbursement of inactive/closed/terminated/retired employer.

  1. Transition and Implementation
    1. December 27, 2021 - SE/M/OFW/NWS members may file the SBA through any of the following:

                                         a.    OTC or through drop box at any SSS BO/FRO/MEC; or

                                         b.    Online through the My.SSS portal in the SSS Website.

  1. December 27, 2021 - Mandatory online filing of SN and SBRA under these guidelines.
  2. March 14, 2022 - Last day of option to file SBA through OTC/drop box at any SSS BO/FRO/MEC.
  3. March 15, 2022 - Start of mandatory online filing of SBA.